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Salmon Creek Farms - All natural - All the Time!

Discerning chefs and food service profdessionals depend on us to supply the finest, most consistent pork available. Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork is produced the way nature intended - without artificial enhancers, preservatives, chemicals, or added moisture. By design, our specially fed, genetically superior pork stands at the top on its own merit. No further processing, tenderization, or added ingredients are required!

This is simply the finest, most consistent pork available. The Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork line-up of fine quality pork products are derived from hogs with superior genetic lines. They are fed high quality western wheat and barley, are raised without hormones, are never fed antibiotics or animal proteins, and are third party audited for program integrity. This strict regimen produces fresh pork with colorful eye appeal, and the tastiest, most consistently tender products on the market.