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At Marina Meats, you can be sure that you are getting only the freshest, highest quality cuts from the world's best producers of organic, all-natural, grass feed meats. Marina Meats is proud to bring you what we feel are superior choices of available meats on the market today from a wide variety of sources - only the best for our customers. Please learn more about our products - and yours - by clicking through the links below.

Estancia Beef - Grass-fed beef to provide customers with the best tasting, healthiest and most sustainably produced beef in the world.
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Salmon Creek Farms - The Real taste of Pork.
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Prairie Fresh Pork - We control every step of production, from raising and caring for the animals on our farms, to producing grain-based animal feed in our own grain mills....
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Creekstone - Black Angus beef - source verified, raised naturally, with no supplemental hormones or antibiotics.
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Superior Farms - As an employee-owned company, we are all proud of the products we offer. Our dedicated staff works to ensure that you and your family receive truly superior lamb.
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Kobe Beef - The American Kobe Style beef you purchase here is the best beef created from original genetic lines of Wagyu cattle from Japan
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Atkins Ranch - High quality, fresh, range-reared, New Zealand lamb for markets throughout North America and Europe.
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Golden Gate Meat Company - World class quality meats and natural food products.
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